A local callback server for oAuth web-flow.


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A local callback server for oAuth web-flow.


clavem allows you to handle a full oAuth authentication flow directly from the console.

Simply instantiate the authorizer and run the authorize method with the URL:

require "clavem"

# Initialize your oAuth access.

authorizer =

# Get the token
# You can also handle callback parameter by yourself.
# url += "?oauth_callback=" + authorizer.callback_url
# authorizer.authorize(url, false)

if authorizer.succeeded? then
  access_token = authorizer.token

  # Go on!
  # Authorization denied or failed

Alternatively, you can also specify a timeout and a block to the constructor to customizer the response handling.

See the documentation for more information.

Use on jRuby

To use on jRuby, you need to install a gem with C extensions which must be compiled.

See jRuby documentation to see how to enabled extensions compilation.

Contributing to clavem

Copyright (C) 2013 and above Shogun (

Licensed under the MIT license, which can be found at

Made by a proud Italian